Our company has developed the best partnership with Eurolink through the dedication and attention to all details by their staff of my requirements. From my first contact with Craig for a quote (when many others ignored me) to their becoming my #1 supplier (my go-to-guys) for all ISO and DIN spec’d hardware, I have been treated with nothing but respect and complete understanding to pricing and the deadlines that I work under. Our company being in Canada and them in the U.S. has done nothing to hinder the quality service I receive on an almost daily basis . . . They have easily become my “Neighbors to the South” and I could not be happier with the top notch service and friendship that has been shown the GREAT WORK Eurolink! ! ! !

Ethel V,

I have used Eurolink for the past 10 years and have found them to be very quick to reply with availability and costing from their overseas suppliers. The majority of items I buy from Eurolink are not stock parts in the US. With their weekly air freight service from Europe as well as their sea freight service they are very efficient importing these parts for my requirements. Both Craig & Josh are extremely knowledgeable on Din and ISO standards. Their realistic lead times and consistency makes it a pleasure to work with.

David M,

I first heard of Eurolink, from their Outside sales rep, who came to see me one day. At the time was I having hard time finding a lot of metric item here in the state, like ISO vs DIN and my customer needed a lot of ISO items. So I gave them a call and talk to sales rep Luke, and he was so helpful and knowledgeable, since then I have work with Eurolink about seven years, and now my business with my customer has grown about 50%, thanks to these guys. A Great Crew to Work with!

Craig K,

Craig and his top-notch staff at Eurolink have been a great resource for our hard-to-find items.  They have gone above and beyond to accommodate our needs.  Their vast knowledge and resourcefulness has been a great asset.

Marty D,

Eurolink has wonderful customer service reps, very responsive, and customer oriented.  Josh is a delight to work with!  Delivery is as quoted.  I never worry when I issue a PO to Eurolink.

Jennifer B,

Eurolink is a great company to call for metric items, especially those that may be hard to source.  Their customer service is quick and efficient, especially considering the fact that  they have to communicate with manufacturers in different days and time zones.  Delivery is available with a couple of options, sea and air, so you can get the material as quick as you need it.

Ricky P,

Eurolink has a wide variety of materials and sizes in stock, and the items they don’t have in stock they can get quickly and for a reasonable price. Their staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and more than willing to help with your metric fastener needs. And finally, they are dependable. You can count on the delivery date to plan for your production schedule.

Chris L,

Eurolink provides great customer service with a focus on item specification questions, providing up to date delivery information and being accurate with quoted lead times, if they say 1 week they are pretty good with getting to you in that 1 week max.  We deal with Josh who will know where he is with his quotes and will press for answers if he is not getting the quick support from his suppliers.   Quality has not been an issue with Eurolink and we like that they can ship out of South Carolina location which is a 2 day transit for us and never had an issue with shipping.

Paul M,

Once I found out about Eurolink, I found out quickly how great their customer service is. In this day and age it is getting harder and harder to find people who truly care. Pete has really come through for me on hard to find items which has made my job easier. Thank you Eurolink for always taking care of our needs.

Christina G,

Over the years Eurolink has become my go to source for hard to find metric parts. Their customer service is as good as you’ll find. The sales team is very knowledgeable and great at communicating. They have simplified tracking these parts down for me.

Mark P,



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