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A Merry Metric Fastener Christmas

More Thoughts From The Deer Stand

What Are You Scared Of?

Catch Up With Craig

The Business Side of Eurolink

A Day For Remembrance

Tired of Being Tired

The Luck O’ The Fasteners

Love & Fasteners Are in the Air

New Year, New Resolutions

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

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Fasteners and Football

What Is Our Company Culture?

Summer Heat Melts Supply Chain

Land of The Free & Home To Metric Fasteners

Special Topic – DIN vs ISO Standards for Fine Thread Parts

Comparing Parallel Pins: DIN 7 vs ISO 2338

Comparing Structural Fasteners – Part 2: Digging deeper into the standards

Comparing DIN and ISO Clevis Pins (DIN 1434, 1443, 1444 and ISO 2340, 2341)

Comparing DIN 439 to ISO 4036, ISO 4035 and ISO 8675

Comparing DIN 934 to ISO 4032 (ISO 8673)

Comparing Socket Head Cap Screws DIN 912 to ISO 4762

Comparing Slotted Set Screws DIN 417, 438, 551 and 553

Comparing Hexagon Socket Set Screws: Flat Point, Cone Point, Dog Point, and Cup Point

Comparing Hex Flange Bolts DIN 6921, EN 1665 and ISO 4162

The Left Behind Washers (DIN 127, 128, 137, 6797, 6798, and 7980)

Comparing Small Series Washers DIN 433 to ISO 7092

Comparing Large Series Plain Washers DIN 9021 to ISO 7093

Comparing DIN 125 to ISO 7089/7090

DIN 6914 Hex Head Structural Bolts

DIN 961/960 to ISO 8676/8675 Comparisons

Comparing DIN 933 & DIN 931 to ISO 4014 & ISO 4017

Introduction to Metric Fastener Standards: DIN, ISO, and EN



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