October 2022 Eurolink Vlog about Football and Fasteners

Fasteners and Football


Hey Guys. Look, football season…and if you’re anything like the Raiders, you’re probably already looking forward to next season. 

Seriously, what’s going on with all the injuries this year? 

So my writers tell me, I need to talk about football to get your attention at this point in the year. And you know what, I’m fine with that. Why? Because I love football – high school, college, Go Tigers, the NFL – makes no difference to me. 

So I’ve been watching a lot of football over the last few weeks. My wife would confirm that one. But I thought, in a lot of ways football is like fasteners. No, seriously, stop laughing at me. I promise you I’ve passed the Dolphin’s concussion protocol. Maybe. 

Nevertheless, when it comes to finding metric fasteners for your business, you’re down to just a few basic options out there now. So my question is, do you call the team that’s in dead last and somehow managed to tie a game? We’re looking at you, Texans. Or do you call the best in the business? You and I both know the correct answer. 

No one’s calling Carolina right now, mainly because they don’t have a coach to answer their phones. But KC’s lines are lighting up today. The team with solid management, the best players, and the highest level of responsiveness. That’s us. 

At Eurolink, we import hard-to-find metric fasteners from Europe. We make sure your orders are absolutely correct. And then we ship them to you as fast as possible. This way you get back to work taking care of your customers rather than spending days endlessly searching for these fasteners. 


Why else should you use us? That one is easy. We actually answer the phone. I’m Serious. 

Seriously. We care about our customers and because we do so we answer the phone, we return emails. Heck, we’d even communicate by pigeon if that’s what took to take care of you. 

We’re here for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re as nice as Tim Tebow. You guys remember him right? Or as rude as an eagle fan. The city of brotherly love, please. Oh, I do have one request. You guys have got to stop throwing snowballs at Santa Claus in December. That’s just a bad look.

At Eurolink. We’re different. We’re fast. We’re responsive, and we value our customers. Our staff has been here for years. Heck, I’ve been here for 22 years, and during that same time, the Cleveland Browns have had 12 coaches. No seriously 12 coaches. 

Well, you know what, now that I think about it, maybe football and fasteners aren’t as alike as I thought. I need to rethink that concussion test. 

I don’t think anyone here has ever been on the IR before and thankfully none of my staff has attempted to bench me for my backup yet. But then again now that I think about it, it might not be so bad getting paid to hold a clipboard now. That’s a shout-out to my boy Charlie Whitehurst from Clemson or affectionately known in the NFL as Clipboard Jesus. 

Until next game, guys, play it safe out there. No targeting.

Penland out.


As always, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns or would like to request a quote for any hard-to-find metric fasteners give us a call at (864) 801-0505.


Date: 10/26/22

Subject: Just how alike are fasteners and football? Learn how Eurolink is serving its customers before the 4th down with hard-to-find metric fasteners imported from Europe.