London Penland on comparing DIN, ISO, and EN standards

Introduction to Metric Fastener Standards: DIN, ISO, and EN

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  • Viewers will compare general definitions of DIN, ISO and EN Standards
  • Viewers will contrast vendor specific articles with metric standards
Essential Questions:
  • What does DIN mean? ISO? EN?
  • How do they compare to each other?
  • How do BN and other article numbers compare?
  • No specific standard
Lesson Plan:

Engage (30 sec)

  • Things change.
  • Industry standards shift.
    • DIN standards continue to remain common in Germany, though ISO standards are becoming increasingly prevalent.

Explain (2 min)

  • Use standards to ensure that parts are interchangeable
  • Abbrev. DIN, ISO and EN refer to issuing body
    • DIN = Deutsches Institut fur Normung (German Institute for Standardisation)
    • ISO = International Standardization Organization (also means “equal” in greek)
    • EN = Europaische Norm (European standard)
  • If you see DIN EN, DIN EN ISO, or DIN ISO EN, don’t fret, that pretty much just means that the DIN, the ISO, and the EN for that part is ALWAYS the same.
  • Though DIN and ISO are the most prevalent standards, there are other standardizing bodies as well including JIS (Japanese Industrial Standardisation) and AFNOR (the french standardizing body and source of NFE standards).
  • Furthermore, there are manufacturer specific and distributor specific part numbers, which may or may not originate from DIN or ISO numbers, just with some slight changes during manufacturing or some sort of secondary processing (i.e. to add a certain patch or ensure a certain coating requirement. BN numbers, which are produced by Bossard, are a good example of this.

Extend (30 sec)

  • Throughout this Vlog series, we will focus on the specifics of the DIN and ISO standards and may occasionally refer to EN standards.
  • Please tune in as we release these Vlogs to learn more about the specific similarities and differences between these standards.
  • And, feel free to contact me personally at with any questions or, of course, requests for quotes.

Date: 9/11/19

Metric Fastener Standards Comparison

About the Instructor:
London Penland, ex-teacher, tutor and educational non-profit leader and current business development director for Eurolink Fastener Supply Service and Social Chair/Educational Director for Young Fastener Professionals, empowers sales reps, purchasing agents and sourcing agents with researched industry-specific educational videos and articles. Click here to see all of London’s VLOGs and gain access to download his lesson plans.