What are you scared of? Eurolink FSS Halloween 2023 vlog

What Are You Scared Of?


Craig Penland:

It’s Halloween. A night when we all pretend that Ghouls and Ghosts are the scariest things around. And that’s what we adults are doing. We’re pretending, partly because it’s fun to watch the little ones overreact to sticking their hands into a bowl of peeled grapes. Ooh, they’re eyeballs. I think the other reason we pretend is because it gives us a chance to disregard the truly scary things that are going on in our lives. I’m talking about the big issues that frighten us all, like the possibility of getting involved in yet another war. Serious. I’m also talking about our personal fears. Maybe you’re struggling in your marriage, your finances keep getting squeezed tighter and tighter by this economy. Or your kid is struggling in school. I want you to know, God is real, and he loves you.

Or maybe you have your life completely in order, except for the fact that neither of your state’s college football teams can even get close to that top 25 ranking. The horror for Clemson and Carolina. Not even a little bit close. Come on fellas, get into the Halloween spirit and show a little heart.

You know, there aren’t many guarantees in life, you never know what’s around the corner. And that can feel pretty scary at times. But there is one company that you can always count on to come through for you when others scare you to death with their lead times. Of course, I’m talking about Eurolink. When you need hard to find metric fasteners, we’re always there to find the perfect item with its perfect delivery.

You know, we actually have a lot to celebrate this month, we just received in a new product line that gives you access to hot dip galvanized 8.8 metric hex head cap screws. I mean, that’s exciting news in the fastener industry. First time.

We also have a brand new North American headquarters. And our grand opening party happens right before Halloween. I wonder if people will show up to the party and costume. Man, pleased to come and something too offensive. I don’t want to fear getting canceled by the costume police. You know the casting police. They love nothing more than tweeting about what other people are doing. You know, maybe take a look inside and work on yourselves for change. No. Not gonna happen. Oh, well. What can you do?

Well, I know we can do. We can keep giving you guys, our customers, the best products, the best services and at the best prices. So this Halloween, have fun, but have no fear. At least when it comes to finding metric fasteners that you need. We’re always here to chase off that scary monster.

Thanks again for all your support. Have a terrific Halloween and Penland Out.

Date: 10/31/2023

Subject: Craig Penland reflects on how Halloween allows us an escape from our real fears and the one thing that isn’t scary is Eurolink’s commitment to their customers.