Eurolink VLOG November 2023 - thoughts from the deer stand before Thanksgiving (YouTube Thumbnail with play button)

More Thoughts From The Deer Stand


Craig Penland:

Here we are near the end of another amazing year. And with Thanksgiving right around the corner, already I find myself getting a little misty eyed even thinking about how blessed I am. In both my personal and my professional life. I know I know. I don’t seem like the kind of guy that’s the tender sentimental type. But what can I say this has been a truly amazing year for Eurolink, you know, Manufacturing Outlook named Eurolink one of 2023’s, top industrial service providers. That’s big for a company of our size to be thought of as one of the top service providers.

My wife and I also took our trip to Europe that we do every couple years to spend quality time with our purchase partners over there. But what made this year’s trip truly enjoyable, was that we got to spend St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland. Man, those guys can party. And what made that even more fun was all the people walking around with red wigs on and red beards. I guess that’s the reason so many people thought I was a local over there. Well, that’s at least until they heard me speak anyway.

You know, we also recently opened our brand new headquarters right here in South Carolina. We even had this huge grand opening party and everything. And most importantly, I didn’t even make a big fool of myself. Now although that could have something to do with the fact that my wife kept me on a short leash… maybe.

We also have had two brand new product lines hit our shelves this year. We have started stocking metric hot dippped galvanized hex head cap screws, and also metric hot dippped galvanized structural sets. Brand new for us, brand new for the United States. We’ve gotten multiple shipments already and we got more sizes on the way to you.

Hey, we’re just trying to do our part to serve even more companies like yours that might be struggling to source hard to find metric fasteners here in the US.

What else what else? Oh, I was excited to see that Clemson beat Notre Dame Dane. Damn Dane, Dane. Dame. Let’s go with that. Well, however you want to say it. The third quarter. You know it started out really intense, kind of a nail biter so to speak. But honestly, I wasn’t that concerned after Tyler from Spartanburg called in and gave coach Sweeney a difficult time. Since then, I haven’t been concerned with Clemson you know whether they’re the new Clemson or the old Clemson they had just come out started playing football recently and you know something with as many upsets in college football as there been this year. I’m sure a lot of other fans wish Tyler from Spartanburg would call in and talk to their coach as well.

Sports and travel aside. I want to thank each and every one of you guys for supporting Eurolink in 2023. We like to have fun we’d like to enjoy yourself. But we work hard to bring you metric fasteners that you can’t find at most domestic importers. None of our successes this year or any year past would be possible if it wasn’t for you and your faith in our services and our products.

So this Thanksgiving, I want to extend my very genuine thank you to each and every one of you guys. Now, let’s go grab some bucks because those guys aren’t going to jump on my office walls all by themselves. Until next time, I love you. Peace be with you. And Penland out.

Date: 11/20/2023

Subject: This Thanksgiving, Craig Penland expresses gratitude for Eurolink’s successful year, acknowledging industry recognition, new product lines, sports highlights, and thanking the community for their unwavering support.