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Catch Up With Craig


Craig Penland:

Hey fastener friends, It has been awhile.

I haven’t put out a vlog in probably about three or four months. And the reason… a huge move.

After 11 years and our last facility, we decided to build our brand new facility from scratch and after two years worth of construction, it was finally ready on August the fourth for us to move in and we made that happen. And then I flew to Chicago, and to do this mud run with all my fastener friends and while I was there, as a lot of you will know, I decided to tear my ACL.

Yeah, getting old sucks.

Nevertheless, surgery is scheduled. A lot of you guys have been asking and have been sending over prayers and well wishes. I am very grateful that you guys even take the time to do that. But um surgery is scheduled. I’m currently doing PT. We are moved into our brand new facility. Things are going well. And just today as a matter of fact, we just received a brand new product line. We are now the only stocking distributor in the US of metric 8.8 hex cap screws that are hot dipped galvanized, both DIN 933 and 931, 4017, and 4014 8.8 hot dip galvanized.

So, we’re ready when you guys are in need of them. And next month, tell you a little secret. Next month. We have metric structural fasteners coming in. Hot dip galvanized bolts, nuts, and washers from Germany. Can’t wait to add that product line to our list of offerings.

So just wanted to give you guys an update. We’ll get back to the vlog with Halloween and love you guys. Hopefully, everybody’s doing well, prayers for each one of you.

Penland out.

Date: 10/09/2023

Subject: Craig Penland discusses the recent major changes in his life, including moving to a new facility, sustaining an ACL injury, and exciting additions to the Eurolink product offerings.