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Summer Heat Melts Supply Chain


It’s hot. Everything is hot. The summer is hot. South Carolina ghost peppers are OMG hot and inflation, red hot, red hot and the supply chain, broken, melted. Can we blame climate change or do you have to have a big ‘D’ behind your name to get away with that.

All this heat is just…focus on teleprompter… Oh, right, right, right, right.

You’ve got inventory shortages. You’ve got people out of work. Manufacturing lines are crippled or down entirely. The works. So look, in all seriousness we get it, because we hear all the time from our customers. Only about the other guys of course.

When you can’t get the goods you need and you need high quality or hard-to-find metric fasteners, that’s not a little problem. That’s a big problem. That’s an oh-my-gosh, cars won’t be built, ships will sink, and solar panels have to be back ordered in California. That’s the type of problem that is.

If you rely on custom metric fasteners for your large-scale applications, you need them now. Not later. Slow shipping, lack of goods. That’s not even an option. The summer heat is no excuse. You need your goods and you need them now. We’ve got you covered. You don’t stop for the heat and neither should your business.

We’ve got monthly sea freight shipments to get you everything that you need from Europe. Need it faster? We’ve also got weekly airfreight shipments that can get your products to you in as little as two to three weeks. Not fast enough. How about a delivery in as little as three to five business days on our Express shipments out of Europe.


If you’re not sure if we can get you what you need as fast as you need it. Look, do yourself a favor. Call or email us, that’s it. All you have to do is reach out we’ll take a couple of minutes and walk you through the process.

We pride ourselves on hassle-free customer service and accurate information – it’s sort of our thing, you know.

You need a business that doesn’t melt in the sun or catch on fire from the feds flames of inflation, or stagflation, or shrink-flation, or whatever it’s being called this week. Our business is here to help keep your business moving.

[Phone rings] I told you that I was filming. What do you mean? I don’t understand…the air conditioner is not working in the office? But it’s like 110 degrees outside. Take care of this. Immediately.

Guess this will have to do.

You guys have a wonderful August. Stay safe. Try to stay cool. And until the next time, Penland out.


As always, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns or would like to request a quote for any hard-to-find metric fasteners give us a call at (864) 801-0505.


Date: 07/27/22

Subject: Summer heat, a hot market, melted supply chain, and metric fasteners