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Tired of Being Tired


Craig Penland:

Look. My life is metric fasteners. Eat, sleep, and breathe metric fasteners… well also hunting, Chargers football, Dodgers baseball, Clemson, and oh yeah my wife and family. She’s going to kill me for putting her last on that list. Okay so maybe its not’s all metric fasteners, but that is a huge part. Now, stop laughing at me.

Seriously though. I just spent three days at Fastener Fair Stuttgart over in Germany, then made eight supplier visits in three different countries. It took me over 20 hours to get home, only to walk through the door and realize that I had scheduled a 9:00 am meeting the very next morning.

Then I had to try manage to catch up on emails after 3-weeks away, catch up on the lives of my staff who are like family to me, start training a new employee, and then, you know… I’d also like to see that wife who’s probably still mad at me for the comment before.

Am I saying all of this to whine? Of course not. My life couldn’t be better!

I love my job, and I love serving you guys, our customers.

But it did get me to thinking… If I’m this tired, what about you? How’s work going for you? I’m guessing you’re tired, too.

And it’s not just work right…it’s life?

Turn on the TV, for instance. You know what’s even more exhausting than being tired? Politics. I mean, have you tried keeping up with all the latest news and developments? It’s like trying to run a marathon while carrying a refrigerator on your back. No matter who you are, I bet you’re tired of the current president, tired of the last president, tired of that son with the laptop story that just keeps getting more interesting, or tired of the guy down in Florida who keeps picking fights with Mickey Mouse, or maybe even that old guy in the Senate who wants to take all your money… while getting rich of writing books about how bad money is.

Now, I’m not saying all of this to get political. Just making a point: We’re all tired.

Tired of the negativity, tired of the rat race, tired of trying to keep ourselves going at optimal speed and quality, no matter how busy life keeps getting. And if we’re being honest with one another, probably just tired of being tired.

This is where Eurolink comes in. Our entire mission is to help you when you’re tired because no one else will.

If you’re looking for metric fasteners here in the U.S., and you can’t find what you need, only receiving back “No Quote” or “No Stock” replies, because they’re not even willing to source them for you. Well, that’s where we come in.

We want to be your one-stop shop for all of your hard-to-find metric fastener requirements. Let us make your job easier… we do all of the sourcing of the products, handle all of the importing, and ship the goods to you the day we told you upfront that we would ship the goods to you… Strange huh? Promises made, promises kept.

We know that our competition makes this process more complicated than it needs to be and it never ends well. But here at Eurolink, this is what makes us different. We know you’re tired and we want to make your job simpler.

This means you have more time to take care of the things that really matter for your business, for your family, and for yourself. And trust me, I could use that too. I haven’t cut my lawn in…umm, five weeks, three days, carry the one… I’ve to go.

Until next time, get some rest. You deserve it. Penland out.



As always, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns or would like to request a quote for any hard-to-find metric fasteners give us a call at (864) 801-0505.


Date: 05/15/2023

Subject: Craig talks about how the rat race might be getting us all down, but even though we are tired of being tired, Eurolink is ready to help.